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A video wall is a large setup of multiple moniters, tiled closely together to create a single display. It’s an all-in-one system, removing the need to bring several types of technology together to create a cinema-style effect when showcasing visuals.

This is a much more sophisticated solution than using a projector to display media on the wall opposite, or installing a row of several TVs to ensure viewers can see the screen from multiple angles.

We build video walls for offices, retails hotels, restaurent, schools, universities, sport stadiums, hospitals and a range of other environments.

We have a dedicated team of system architects, graphics designers and manufacturer partnerships to assist you all the way in creating your own video wall.

The benefits of a video wall include:

  • Instantly capture the attention of viewers and make a big impression.
  • Provide viewers with standout visual experiences.
  • Enhances public and workspace areas.
  • Provided a perfect marketing opportunity.

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